The Actors Process is a new online talk show hosted by Clare Elizabeth Dea. Clare interviews industry experts from around the world, offering actors, directors, writers, producers, musical theatre and film lovers the opportunity to delve into the craft and business of acting.

A world exclusive, this show lets you go behind the curtain for an all access pass to the entertainment industry! You can also get involved in discussions around the topics covered in each episode through our weekly blog posts.



Do you want to stand out at your next audition? Do you want to get more auditions?

Hi, my name is Clare Elizabeth Dea. I am the Host of The Actors Process. I’ve also been working in the entertainment industry for over 16 years as an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, director and acting coach. Over the past 7 years I have really delved into The Meisner Technique and been teaching actors from all around the world.

From this experience I have identified The 10 Mistakes Performers Make in the Audition Room. If performers make even one of these mistakes it can stop them from getting a job or worse, not get called back to audition. There is nothing more frustrating for a performer than not getting the opportunity to audition. So after identifying the mistakes I worked out the 10 success steps to auditioning.

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Our mission is to bring the world of performers, directors, producers, agents, writers and movie buffs together to collaborate and teach each other about the craft and business of acting.